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Singapore Primary School Phase 2C Vacancy Visualization


Singapore parents are very serious on education. Despite that “Every School A Good School”, parents are willing to do 40 hours of voluntary service in order to have a better chance of having their child entering a better primary school.

Normally a good primary school has more potential students than the school’s capacity each year. In this case, the school will conduct a ballot to randomly select students to be enrolled. This process is completely open, including the number of students registered and the vacancies. I have done a data visualization on the ratio of students registered vs vacancies for Phase 2C in Google Map. The link of the interactive map is here.

The region is divided according to the Voronoi diagram of the locations of primary schools. Reddish region means that there are more registering students than the school’s vacancy. Bluish region means otherwise.

Screenshot from 2016-08-04 22-13-08