Strange problem of Singapore ICA’s SAVE system

I was trying to apply for visa yesterday. After I clicked the “Proceed to submit” button, I always get a blank page. Cleared cookie/cache, still same problem. I thought it’s because too many people applying visa. I tried after mid-night, still same problem. I tried school’s computer today, also same. Tried Firefox, failed at even an earlier step.

Tried my laptop and it succeed. I figured out that the reason of failure is probably adding the site in trusted sites. The web system requires turning off popup blocker for and I did that, and in addition I added both sites as trusted site. This unnecessary step turned out to cause the failure. I guess the reason is probably that when is trusted while singpass site is not, they are in different security zones, and there is problem in their handshake.

I’m a bit curious on why Firefox fails, so I checked the error console. The reason turned out to be the use of location.href(newurl), which Firefox considers as a property, not a method. If I manually types the url into the address bar, I can at least get to the singpass login page, which is one step further than the IE’s problem.


6 Responses to “Strange problem of Singapore ICA’s SAVE system”

  1. TK Says:

    I got this too. It seems like it is a generic problem? Do they not test their system before releasing to the public? Took me hours to do 1 application and then it still got error.

    This is efficiency?

    • wuyongzheng Says:

      Glad someone came to the same spot. The system has been there for at least 4 years, so I don’t think fixing this problem is ever on their task list.

  2. NgTK Says:

    now i am getting more errors. Seems like good tax money is going nowhere with ICA. strange people.

  3. Ramakrishna (@ramkrshna) Says:

    I have the same problem from my both laptops :-(

  4. Bai Shi Says:

    Hi Yong Zheng,
    I am Bai Shi, do you still remember me? I worked for D-MAX in year 2006 and met you there.

    Inspired by your post, i tried to add to trusted site and the IE problem is solved.

    Though it is very late, I hope it can help some others since this blog is the first page appear in google when search “ica SAVE blank page”

    Bai Shi

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